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Family Farm

Pamelot is a
Magical Place
of Love and Family.

Beginning in 1991 and over the next 30 years, owner Pamela Jackson transformed what began as a small farm into thriving working estate where entertaining family and friends, educating community and celebrating life is at the core of the mission.

Through the early 1990’s it was a family home to Pamela and her children. Having spent much of her childhood on her grandparents’ small farm, just down the street from Pamelot, now owned by her eldest daughter and son-in-law, Pamela learned to tend soil and nurture things to grow. And, like many young girls, she had a passion for horses. 

In 1994 the first horses that would come to Pamelot were purchased and by 1997 Pamelot Farm was an established working horse farm. Since then, under Pamela’s leadership, Pamelot Farm has offered riding lessons, training, breeding, boarding and summer camp for children while at the same time opening the beautiful grounds at Pamelot as a special events and wedding venue.

By 1997 Pamelot
was an Established
Working Horse Farm

In 2017 Pamela’s world was shattered by unexpected events outside of her control, silence fell over Pamelot and her future was uncertain. Pamela owned and still used her grandfather’s 1950 Ford 8N tractor, which she learned to drive as a very young child. In the midst of her circumstances her raw instinct and determination took control. She hooked her plow to her tractor and began to rip the ground without much of a plan. It was cathartic.

She bought 300 grapevines and planted each one herself.

 After days of plowing she got off her tractor and look at the tilled soil which only days before had been a beautiful horse pasture. Standing there in tears she felt a bit like Scarlet and said to herself, “This will not ruin me!” She knew she needed to transform what had been ripped into something beautiful again and breathe new life into Pamelot. Having traveled much of Europe’s wine country, she had frequently dreamed of owning vineyards. She bought 300 grapevines and planted each one herself. Her dream came to fruition and the beginning of the winery and vineyards.

Painted Horse
Winery and Vineyards

In its early formation it was simply known as the winery and vineyards at Pamelot, but it needed a distinction of its own. Pamela’s best friend of 30 years suggested the name Painted Horse. It is well known that a hallmark of Pamelot Farm is painting horses, so it fit perfectly. What is not well known is that is not how the name came to be. The American Indians painted their war horses to show victory. With the creation of the vineyards and winery Pamelot made her victory cry! But moving forward, the dream could not be carried out alone.

Hero Photo Julli

In 2019 Pamela serendipitously met winemaker John Bowen. John had been making wine for years, during which his wines have won gold, silver and bronze medals, a total of twelve. Unbeknownst to each other, they were traveling down parallel paths. They found they shared the same vision, values and goals. Both had a passion for fine wine and a desire to create a unique winery experience in their hometown of Milton, Georgia. There was no question that Pamela and John should join forces.

Painted Horse Winery and Vineyards is Milton’s founding farm winery as well as being the first farm winery in the history of Fulton County, Georgia. In the first year of operation they bottled over 9000 bottles of wine that were totally handcrafted in their artisanal boutique winery on the grounds of Pamelot.

The First Farm Winery in The History of Fulton County, Georgia

Both wanted to gift their friends and neighbors with not only fine wines but also a winery experience that expresses the joys of living in their hometown of Milton, Georgia. Their collaboration has evolved and those friends and neighbors are now able to enjoy a unique winery experience and the equestrian estate surrounding the Painted Horse Winery & Vineyards.

Meet Our Team

We value our team members, their intellect and decision-making characters. We are proud we managed to gather smart, talented and client-oriented staff, and we are happy to introduce them to our customers.

Pamela Jackson


When building the original part of the estate, Pamela was razzed about being such a perfectionist that the estate was dubbed Pamelot, a satire on Camelot. Although intended as an insult, the name stuck!  In 2013, she and her daughters took a trip through France, including The Loire Valley and Champagne, and visited many small estate wineries and champagne houses. That was the beginning of her desire to add a winery to Pamelot Farm. In 2017 her life took an unexpected major turn and she directed her energies and emotions into the beginnings of what is now Painted Horse Winery and Vineyards. Pamela plowed and prepped the fields and planted every vine herself. She says she found solace in the vines. 

Pamela has four grown children, all whom work along side her, and three grandchildren who play freely at the farm everyday. She is an award-winning author with three published books, but today when asked what she does for a living she says, “I’m a farmer.”


John Bowen

Director of Winemaking

John Bowen has been a winemaker since 2009 when he and his wife Debbie took a wine making class won at silent auction for a school fund raiser. A year later, John purchased Touriga wine grapes from the former Blackstock Vineyards (now Kaya Vineyard & Winery) in Dahlonega. The Touriga wine was excellent and John has continued to source wine grapes from top vineyards from throughout the country. His wines have won gold, silver and bronze medals—a total of 12 medals in all–from the WineMaker Magazine and Indy International Wine Competitions. John has successfully completed a Viticulture and Enology wine course from UC Davis Extension and has attended local wine making classes sponsored by UGA Viticulture Extension. WineMaker Magazine published an article on the construction of the Bowen wine cellar entitled, ‘Metamorphosis of a Monarch”.

John retired from the Atlanta office of Cantor Fitzgerald in September 2018. A CPA and author, John has written books on investment management and July 2020 he earned a dual MBA/MSIS degree from Kennesaw State University.

Juliette Johnson

Farm Director

Juliette is the heart of the farm and the animals. The eldest of Pamela’s children, she began riding horses at the age of four and began instructing at the age of fifteen. Juliette started the summer horse camp at The Farm at Pamelot and has been directing and leading it for eighteen years. When the dream of the winery began, Juliette began taking sommelier courses and continues to study .

Juliette and her husband Brandon have three children. Brandon, an engineer by profession, freely shares his expertise with the farm on a regular basis.


Laura Steh

Director of Operations

Laura comes to Painted Horse Winery with 7 years experience as a Personal Assistant and 13 years experience as an Account Manager in a local marketing firm. 

As an avid wine lover, she’s able to combine passion with work at Painted Horse Winery. In addition to working at the winery, Laura runs a successful jewelry business with her daughter Madison.  

Laura and her husband Bryan have three grown children.

Laura Jesseph

Director of Marketing

Ms. Jesseph brings over twenty years of business strategy and entrepreneurial marketing expertise to Pamelot Farm. Ms. Jesseph’s specialties include corporate branding, start-up planning, product launch, program management and strategic marketing. Her passion for community engagement, animal welfare, coffee and winemaking make Pamelot her home away from home.

Ms. Jesseph lives in Milton, GA with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and other assorted pets.

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